Evergreen Apple Nigeria (EAN) Providing Private Jet Services

Evergreen Apple Nigeria maintenance

Image Source: Corporate Jet Investor

On average at lest 42 private jets land in Nigeria’s Murtala Muhammed Airport each day, carrying business executives and high net-worth individuals (HNWI’s) and Lagos now has the premium services to welcome these customers. Evergreen Apple Nigeria (EAN) launched their service in Lagos in 2011 providing Nigeria’s first private fixed-base operator (FBO), Providing a 14,900 square meter luxury facility, EAN focus on providing their customers  with excellent service, speed and security.

Private Jet

EAN promote the concept of “Arrival to Departure Luxury” providing a dedicated team who provide services within the following areas:

Aircraft Maintenance

The EAN Hanger Jet Centre provides maintenance services for most executive jets. From trouble shooting and daily inspections to line maintenance and repairs. EAN also provide advise on purchasing, maintenance and the operating of aircraft with technicians who have experience working with Bombardier, Hawker Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Learjet, and Cessna aircraft.


Helicopter Service

Clients are able to utilise helicopter service, providing customers with access to:

  • Charters
  • VIP Transfers
  • Medevac Rescue Services
  • Aerial Filming.


Fixed Based Operations (FBO)

EAN provide bespoke FBO’s ground handling services offering clients a multitude of services all tailored to meet customers needs, which amongst various other services include:

  • Apron Space for Aircraft Parking
  • Ground Handling Services
  • Fueling
  • Complete Detailed Aircraft Washing
  • VIP Lounge with amenities
  • Penthouse with Rooftop Viewing Deck
  • On-Site Restaurant and Bar
  • Clearance Office for Flight Planning
  • Conference Rooms
  • Crew Lounge Area.


The company also provide their clients with a luxury concierge service, and as if using a private jet is not luxurious enough, customers can also choose to join their “Platinum Jet Club” providing customers with a guaranteed premium services, that are not offered anywhere else in Nigeria. Customers are able to choose from a monthly Gold subscription, or an annual Platinum subscription which entitles them to premium aircraft and passenger handling services.



  1. louci88 · · Reply

    I love your blog extremly informative . I have been searching for news update on modern luxury Africa for ages. Keep up the good work 😀


  2. Thank you, we felt there was enough coverage of ‘poverty’ and ‘politics’ where the continent is concerned. We thought it was time to provide something different.


  3. akioyamen · · Reply

    welcome on board and big thanks for the blog.


  4. Thank you, let us know if there’s anything in Africa you would like us to blog about.


  5. louci88 · · Reply

    Yes I agree it time to capture another side of Africa. In saying this the luxury ghana houses is growing,the bbc captured it on the news awhile ago.


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