Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet

Botswana Chobe Chilwero

one departure point, 19 days, 7 countries and $79,995, that’s what it will cost you to travel across the continent of Africa by private jet. Well not quite across the continent, more a journey from East Africa to Southern Africa, as the journey leaves a large part of the continent untouched, nonetheless a journey which touches on some extremely beautiful scenery.

Luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent have put together a package they have entitled “Across a Continent by Private Jet” . The trip starts in Rome Italy with a stay at the luxurious St Regis hotel, with the first port of call in Africa being Ethiopia, followed by 3 days in the Ugandan mountains at the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, followed by 3 days of safari in Tanzania in the Serengeti National Park, home to what is referred to as the ‘big 5’ (lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, rhinos, and elephants). The next stop is Zambia which will include a cruise on the Zambezi river and a visit to the Victoria falls. The journey also stops off in Botswana and the desert dunes of Namibia with the final destination being South Africa, with a trip to iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town and a stay at the 5 star Cape Grace hotel.

St Regis - Rome

Victoria Falls Zambia

Cape Town

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